• Image of Monster Stickers 2
  • Image of Monster Stickers 2

The second series of cult horror stickers is here, expanding it's horizons to include new and more fiendish foes than ever before! Each sticker is roughly 3 - 4 inches, with the Gremlin sticker measuring 5 inches across! The stickers are printed on semi-glossy sticker paper, and each sticker is original art, and is hand-cut. With this purchase, you will get six horrifying mugs from your favourite creature features!

* Nightmare Demon (from "An American Werewolf In London" 1981)
* Zombie (from "Zombie" 1979)
* Vampire Amy (From "Fright Night" 1985)
* Stripe (from "Gremlins" 1984)
* C.H.U.D. (from "C.H.U.D." 1984)
* Alien Invader (from "They Live" 1988)

Six more of the most charismatic faces in obscure horror history, in sticker form! Now that's a deal!