• Image of Monster Stickers 4
  • Image of Monster Stickers 4
  • Image of Monster Stickers 4

The fourth series of cult horror stickers has arrived, and it's reaching even deeper to give you some of the more unique, and unsung villains in horror film history, as well as a few of the more popular creeps. Each sticker is roughly 5-6 inches, a substantial increase from the 4 inch stickers from previous series. The Bloody Bird sticker is 5 inches by nine! The stickers are printed on semi-glossy sticker paper, and each sticker is original art, and is hand-cut. With this purchase, you will get seven horrifying mugs from your new favourite horror gem!

* Bloody Bird (from "Stagefright" 1987)
* Goat Demon (from "The Church" 1989)
* Head Spider (From "The Thing" 1982)
* The Beast (from "Dark Waters" 1993)
* The Pale Man (from "Pan's Labyrinth" 2006)
* Critters Ball (from "Critters 2" 1988)
* Brundlefly (from "The Fly" 1986)

Seven more of the most charismatic faces in obscure, and not-so-obscure horror history, in sticker form! Now that's a deal!