• Image of Monster Stickers 3
  • Image of Monster Stickers 3

The third set of horror cult stickers has appeared, like an unholy omen of a doomed future!

Each sticker is roughly 3 - 4 inches, and is printed on high-quality glossy sticker paper. Each sticker is original art, and is hand-cut. This set brings forth from the tomb the following rancid fiends from criminally under-seen cult horror films...

* Blanche the Demon Cat (From the bizarre, psychadelic Japanese ghost film, "Hausu", 1977)
* Melting Hobo (From "Street Trash", 1987)
* The Blind Dead (From "Tombs of the Blind Dead", 1972)
* The Abominable Dr.Phibes (From the Vincent Price classic, "The Abominable Dr.Phibes, 1971)
* Xtro (From the weirdo British alien film, "Xtro", 1983)
* Gunther the Fun-House freak (From the under-seen Tobe Hooper film, "The Fun-House", 1981)

Guaranteed to heighten your appreciation of obscure 1970's and 1980's weirdo horror!